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Paver Maintenance / Repair

When we install pavers over a well-compacted sub-base, the compacted bed of aggregate beneath the pavers helps prevent settlement, and the joints, or gaps, between the pavers will allow for expansion so the pavers will not crack due to freezing and thawing.

However, if you do find spots where pavers have settled or need to be replaced due to staining or cracking, they can easily be reset by removing the affected pavers and regrading and repairing the sub-base. Pavers can also be removed and reinstalled in this manner if utility repairs or modifications are required.

Routine maintenance of pavers involves removing dirt and leaves by sweeping and occasional rinsing. For heavy oil or grease stains, pressure washing with an appropriate cleaning solution should remove these substances.

You may need to replenish the sand in the paver joints every 2 or 3 years if it washes away due to erosion. However, if a polymer sand is used at the time of paver installation, additional joint sand may not necessary. This special type of sand contains a polymeric additive that binds and hardens the sand and helps to prevent erosion.

Sealing concrete paver surfaces will also help to lock in the sand while protecting the pavers from staining. However, sealing does require periodic reapplication depending on the product used and traffic exposure.

Universal Brick Pavers & Tile is here to help you repair or maintain your pavers. Please give us a call at (850) 849-7224 or email us using the form below.

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