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Ceramic Tile Installation

Tile flooring installations by Universal offers custom fabrication and installation of tile masterpieces for new residential, commercial and remodel projects of all sizes. We have worked with a variety of designers, builders and homeowners in Florida, and we are interested in working with you. We understand each project is as unique as the tile we install, and we are committed to turning your design ideas into a reality. Our installers provide the type of caliber customer service our customers have come to expect.

Ceramic tile flooring is an extremely durable, long lasting choice. It is often moisture, stain, and wear resistant and is very easy to clean and maintain. It is available in an array of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs and can be installed in almost any situation. It comes in many different styles including rustic, contemporary, traditional, and so on. Ceramic tile floors can also mimic the appearance of natural stone or wood.

Tile flooring is extremely versatile and can be installed in almost any situation above, below, or on grade. Many tile floors are frost, heat, and moisture resistant and can be installed outdoors for porches, pool decks, patios, and so on. Ceramic tile is great in kitchens, entryways or other areas that require a tough, durable surface.

Glazed tiles and wet tiles can become slippery and are not recommended in areas where this may be a problem. Tile flooring can be hot or cold to the touch depending on the temperature of the air. Although it is stronger and more moisture resistant that some other flooring options, ceramic tile floors can crack, chip, or have other issues.

Refer to the PEI rating to find the best ceramic tile flooring for your situation. The PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating is a 0-5 rating used to determine the abrasion resistance of ceramic tile. Here is a brief breakdown:

  • PEI 0 – Very little abrasion resistance and is only recommended for walls or other no-traffic areas.
  • PEI 1 – Recommended for very light traffic residential areas where hard bottom slippers and shoes will not be worn.
  • PEI 2 – Recommended for light traffic residential areas where shoes are not worn.
  • PEI 3 – Recommended for medium traffic areas. Tiles with this rating are usually okay for walking on in shoes, but they are not recommended for rooms with outside access.
  • PEI 4 – Recommended for medium-heavy traffic area, these work well in most areas of the home including those with outside access.
  • PEI 5 – Suitable for high traffic areas, this type of tile is the most durable.

Floor tiles will have slight variations in color, texture, or markings due to the way they are manufactured. This actually adds character and style to your tile floors. You should always inspect your purchase before installation to make sure you are happy with it.

Ceramic tile floors tend to cost more than some other flooring choices, such as vinyl, but the benefits often make up the difference. Tile flooring can last a lifetime without needing replacement and it is easy to maintain and no sealing is needed. Most ceramic tile will also increase the perceived value of your home.

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