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(850) 855-0735

Brick & Porcelain Pavers

Our paver lines offer several styles to create fabulous contemporary outdoor living spaces.

Concrete Brick Pavers

Whether you’re looking for a patio with old-world charm or a walkway with contemporary flair, there are many different concrete paver designs to fit your style. Our paver lines include contemporary modular pavers, traditional cobble and brick pavers, and options with the look and texture of natural stone patio pavers. Many of our paving stones can also support vehicular loads to create stunning driveways. And because concrete driveway pavers and stone patio pavers are guaranteed for the life of your home, you can rest assured that your new outdoor space will stand the test of time.

Porcelain Pavers

Outdoor porcelain pavers are similar to indoor porcelain tiles, only thicker and more durable. They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Combined with incredibly high breakage loads (up to 2,000 pounds), porcelain pavers are the perfect solution for gardens, terraces and high traffic outdoor areas. Porcelain pavers also offer the flexibility to be dry laid onto grass, gravel, dirt and sand — or onto terraces and roofs using raised supports — without grout or adhesives.

Universal Brick Pavers & Tile is here to help you with a new installation or replacement concrete or porcelain pavers. Please give us a call at (850) 849-7224 or email us using the form below.

Brick Pavers & Tile Installation on The Emerald Coast